Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dream Theater ~ Score

Rightfully regarded as the premier progressive metal band, this is the third triple CD live album by the band in 5 years! For this latest one, part of the concert was augmented by a full orchestra to enhance the more symphonic pieces like “Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence” and “Octavarium”. On the evidence of this live album the band are surely one of the most accomplished rock bands around. The energy and technical ability on show is nothing short of breathtaking. How the band work together at each twist and turn is staggering. At around 3 hours, the band never let up for one minute. All band members are masters of their instruments. Keyboardist Jordan Rudess is particularly impessive throughout, especially using the Continuum keyboard on the opening of “Octavarium”. Nice pic of his gigantic synth rig on the inside of the CD cover! The sound quality is absolutely top notch too. These guys do know how to do live albums! The other sets, “Live Scenes From New York” and “Live At Budokan” are in their own way as equally impressive live documents of this very impressive band.


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