Friday, June 23, 2006

Gentle Giant ~ Acquiring The Taste

I have recently picked up a few re-issued CD’s from Repertoire, This is a German re-issue company who license classic rock albums from different labels. Recently they have been producing some very nicely packaged CD’s, reproducing the original LP packaging. This is usually the domain of the Japanese who have a real knack for producing replica LP versions of classic albums.

Recently, Gentle GiantsAcquiring the Taste” has been re-mastered by Repertoire. The remastering was done by EROC, who was drummer with German band Grobschnitt and is now a top mastering engineer. The sound on this re-issue is really good. Very warm and detailed. The packaging is a nice glossy gatefold with fold-out insert containing lyrics and credits in larger type than that printed on the sleeve. There are also notes by renowned journalist Chris Welch.

The label also re-released the 1st album by Gentle Giant a few years back in replica LP form. That was also remastered by EROC. There were also plans for him to do “Three Friends” and “Octopus” but I think there are still some licensing problems with those, though they can be had as expensive Japanese versions. From their web site it looks like Repertoire have done quite a few artists from the Vertigo label. Repertoire must be applauded for the detail that has gone into these releases. If only other companies did the same.


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