Friday, January 13, 2006

A New Year and new stuff already

A New Year and new recordings to be listened to and looked forward to.

The first up is the new one by Proto-Kaw. This is to be the follow up to “Before Became After” and called “The Wait of Glory” This band is led by Kansas’s Kerry Livgren. Kansas were one of the premier US prog bands of the 70’s and produced a number of excellent albums of the period like “Leftoverture”, “Song for America” and “Point of Know Return”. Proto-Kaw were actually Kerry’s band prior to Kansas which he has recently put back together. Their first album “Before Became after” was very, very good and showed that Kerry had lost known of his compositional prowess. Mixing typical Kansas classical/symphonic writing with more mainstream American rock. Very well done and it sounded very fresh and energetic. Looking forward to this follow up very much.

Next on the horizon is the third album by The Tangent. Andy Tillison’s band has quickly established itself as being one of the most exciting outfits on the prog scene today. What started out as a projected solo venture quickly took on a more band feel when Flower King, Roine Stolt came on board. Their first two albums, “The Music that Died Alone” and “The World We Drive Through” wonderfully mix classic prog rock with Andy’s more contemporary sounds which he explored in his band Parallel Or 90 Degrees. That band in itself is worth checking out. This new album and the first without Stolt should see more of the PO90 influence and some interesting contributions from sax/flute player Theo Travis. I expect this to be one of my albums of the year. Their previous two were!


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