Friday, December 16, 2005

Albums Of The Year 2005

Twenty five of my favourites from this year. In no particular order!

Arena ~ Pepper's Ghost
Spock's Beard ~ Octane
The Mars Volta ~ Frances the Mute
Kino ~ Picture
Porcupine Tree ~ Deadwing
Lana Lane ~ Lady Macbeth
The Tangent ~ Pyramid and Stars - Live
Shadow Gallery ~ Room V
Kaipa ~ Mindrevolutions
Dream Theatre ~ Octavarium
Mostly Autumn ~ Storm over Still Waters
Brian Eno ~ Another Day on Planet Earth
Tomas Bodin ~ I A M
Glass Hammer ~ The Inconsolable Secret
Wobbler ~ Hinterland
Lands End ~ The Lower Depths
Opeth ~ Ghost Reveries
Nine Horses ~ Snow Borne Sorrow
Manning ~ One Small Step…
Carptree ~ Man Made Machine
Riverside ~ Second Life Syndrome
Pallas ~ The Dreams Of Men
Neal Morse ~ ?
Roine Stolt ~ Wallstreet Voodoo
Bill Nelson ~ The Alchemical Adventures of Sailor Bill


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