Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fred Frith and Skeleton Crew

I have just recently picked up the remastered 2CD set of Skeleton Crew’s two studio albums. Skeleton Crew were a multi-instrumental duo of Fred Frith and the late Tom Cora, augmented by Zeena Parkins for their second album. The music is typically Frith at the time, a bit of composition here, a bit of avant noise there in a rock/folk/jazz style, but all held together by great playing and arrangements. Everything including the kitchen sink were used by these guys, making for very complex arrangements. But the skills of all concerned were such that it all sounds so effortless.

This is a really nice package. Both CD’s, like all of Frith’s recently re-released back catalogue, housed in a digi-pack with new artwork. Shame there are no detailed notes or lyrics, which were included in the previous RecDec release. However, that is more than made up with the sound. The remastering on this is very, very good. A really nice full sound, detailing all the instruments employed. The extra tracks are worth the money as well.

I also recommend the 2CD album of his other major live outfit, Keep the Dog. Excellent live sound and the performances are wild and fun!


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