Friday, September 01, 2006

Pip Pyle

This week has been overshadowed by the sudden death of Pip Pyle. Anyone knowing anything about prog rock will have heard his name. He played on classic 70’s albums such as Gong’s “Camembert Electrique”, Hatfield and the North’s and National Health’s studio albums. Not only was he a master drummer but his compositions, like “Fitter Stoke Has A Bath”, from HatfieldsThe Rotters Club” are complex and witty. His “Phlakaton” from National Health’sOf Queues and Cures” is his answer to all those interminable drum solos we endured during that period of excess! Very funny and very Pip Pyle. By all accounts he was an affable guy, full of joie de vivre and will be sadly missed by those who knew him personally and those who just know him by his music.


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