Thursday, September 25, 2008

Henry Cow ~ Stockholm & Goteborg (arrived)

Its here. Arrived yesterday. This is volume 6 of the 9 CD box set and on the evidence here this is going to be something very special. The sound quality is exceptionally good considering the source of these recordings. Chris Cutler and especially Bob Drake have done a magnificent job in making these recordings sound as good as they do. Highlights so far are the wonderful improv "Goteborg 1", th ecover of Phil Ochs "No More Songs" with Dagmar in excellent voice and the ambitious Tim Hodgkinson piece "Erk Gah". Full track listing as follows:

1. Stockholm 1
2-6. Erk Gah (aka Hold to the Zero Burn)
7. A Bridge to Ruins
8. Ottawa Song
9-11. Goteborg 1
12. No More Songs
13. Stockholm 2
14. The March


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