Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Playlist ~ 24th September

David Gilmour ~ Live In Gdansk
Superb live document of Gilmour’s live outing of his “On An Island “ album. Good to see him do some less obvious material like “Fat Old Sun” and “Astronomy Domine”. The highlight is a complete workout of “Echoes”. It would have been safer to just do the song bits, but to tackle the whole piece is highly impressive. The sound quality of this recording is nothing short of astounding. In these days of master-to-the-maximum volume, it’s refreshing to hear a disc from a major label where all the dynamics of the recording are left intact.

Of course this live recording is made all the more poignant as its released just a week after the death of Richard Wright, who makes such a strong contribution to this album. The response to the announcement of his passing has been overwhelming, such is the huge esteem which Pink Floyd are still held in. Even within the confines of the most anonymously famous of rock bands, Wright was the quiet one. Yet, his contribution as a songwriter, keyboardist or vocalist was a key element to the success of a huge amount of Pink Floyd’s best work.

Richard Barbieri ~ Stranger Inside
Second solo album from Porcupine Tree keyboardist. Again, like its predecessor this is bold, structured instrumental music, with key contributions from P. Tree Gavin Harrison on drums on two tracks and with Japan colleague Steve Jansen contributing throughout. This is superbly sophisticated.

Mothlite ~ The Flax Of Reverie
More oddness from Guapo’s Daniel O’Sullivan, but this is song based. Highly atmospheric and like Guapo defies easy categorisation.

Roxy Music ~ Viva Roxy Music
After viewing the recent BBC4 documentary on the band, this live document showcases some of their best material which the band rip through at breakneck speed. Eddie Jobson’s solo on “Out Of The Blue” is still a thing of wonder.

Man ~ Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day
Esoteric have been gradually re-releasing Man’s back catalogue and for me this is one of their best studio efforts. “C’mon” and “Keep On Crinting” see the band really stretching out some outstanding musical ideas. The remastering by Paschal Byrne is lively, warm and highly detailed.

Magenta ~ Live At The Point
A great 2CD live document of Magenta, recorded at Cardiff’s The Point back in November 2007. This is a seriously wonderful sounding recording and for me so glad to hear a live rendition of favourite “Envy” from their “Seven” album.


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