Monday, July 28, 2008

Pure Reason Revolution ~ Live At NEARfest 2007

Its been a good few years since Pure Reason Revolution released their full length debut album “The Dark Third” to much praise. Since then, a combination of personnel changes and being dropped by Sony have delayed further recordings. But its seems the band is now just about to release a new studio album at last. Before that, NEARfest records have just released this live document from the groups appearance at last years NEARfest prog festival in Philadelphia.

This CD impressively showcases the bands powerful live performance. The familiar studio tracks are given a punchy workout with some new additions, particularly there are lots of guitar effects used throughout in a thoughtful manner. As well as tracks from their debut album, there are a couple of new pieces which are from the new album. These tasters bode very well for that indicate the band has certainly matured their songwriting and arrangements. I was particularly impressed by Chloe Alper’s powerful bass playing and how the band expertly recreate those delicious harmonies which are such a strong feature of the studio recordings.

The production on this live album is superb and is for me the best sounding Pure Reason Revolution yet captured on disc. Much of the credit must go to Echolyn’s Brett Kull who recorded and mastered the album. For those longing for something new by the band, this live album is a must. But roll on that second studio album.


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