Monday, July 14, 2008

Henry Cow ~ 40th Anniversary Box Sets

News of the year is the recently reported 2 box sets of 9 CD’s in total of unreleased Henry Cow live material together with a live performance DVD. This project has been on the go for many years (15 years to be precise) overseen by Henry Cow drummer and head of ReR records Chris Cutler. Now at last the whole thing is seeing the light of day. Though I am sure nobody expected 9 CD’s!

The whole thing is being mastered by Bob Drake who did such a wonderful job of the Art Bears box set of a few years back. Even now he is still tweeking the sonics of the 1st Cd to be released in September ahead of the actual box sets later in the year.

Without doubt this will be an important musical document. Henry Cow are still regarded as one of the most original and extreme forces in rock music that emerged in the 70’s. They are best known for their studio albums, but its their live work where the band really cut loose on some of the most radical, improvisationary material which is only hinted at on the “Concerts” recordings. These live CD’s should show the band in a completely new spotlight in a similar way which “The Great Deceiver” recordings did for mid 70’s King Crimson.

We wait on the release of these with baited breath!!


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