Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prognosis ~ Free CD with 1st issue of “Prog”

The CD that comes with the first issue of Classic Rock presents Prog Magazine is one of the best freebies I have come across. Quite a few bands I have never heard of and the samples presented are on the whole highly impressive. Here’s a rundown.

Panic Room ~ Elektra City
An edited version of the opening track from the bands excellently varied debut album.

Whimwise ~ Scurry Flurries
Very much in the vein of The Enid which is no surprise as Nick May from that band is on this. Also reminded me of Zappa’s synclavier excursions like “Jazz from Hell”.

Godsticks ~ Only When Provoked
This is a bit fusionesque. Think of Finneus Gauge or early Thieves Kitchen.

Mystery ~ Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face
Fronted by new Yes man Benoit David. This is excellent stuff in a retro 70’s prog way. Very colourful and highly melodic.

The Reasoning ~ Dark Angel
From the bands second album. I like it, but this band hasn’t quite completely gelled with me yet.

Blood Ceremony ~ Hop Toad
This was a big surprise. Somehow I was expecting something death metal. The blurb says a mix of Sabbath and Tull. I see that, but I am also reminded of 70’s Swedish prog and these guys are not a million miles away from Anekdoten either. Very enjoyable.

The Treat ~ Citizen of the World
A good acoustic intro which gives way into a heavy section that is a bit in the Kashmir, eastern style. Very good indeed.

Diagonal ~ Semi Permeable Men-Brain
I am very familiar with this. It’s quite sensational. An amazing 10 minutes of out there prog. This Brighton band are going to be big.

Of The I ~ Cathexis
This starts off deceptively pedestrian in a typical prog metal way, but moves into a great instrumental workout. Another very promising band.

Spaced Out ~ Biomechanic II
Heavy fusion stuff a la Planet X. Great musicianship.

So for me the standouts are Diagonal, Mystery, Blood Ceremony and Of The I. But there is nothing here that is really less than interesting across the 61 minutes of this CD.


Blogger alcockrj said...

I'll see if I can find the magazine this weekend but it's probably too early for it to have arrived in Greece yet.

6:37 AM  
Blogger Barrie Sillars said...

Hi Rob,

Let me know if you have problems getting this. We may be able to sort something out and I can send you a copy.


1:20 PM  
Blogger alcockrj said...

Thanks Barrie. That's very nice of you to offer. I am sure I will find it - there are quite a few shops here that store specialist foreign music magazines. There's is a big following in Greece for classic rock, metal and prog.

12:12 PM  
Blogger Barrie Sillars said...

Ok Rob, hope you find it. Just let me know if you have problems.

1:07 PM  
Blogger alcockrj said...

I finally found the magazine! I have started reading it and am really enjoying it. I had a quick listen to the CD and there is some really good stuff on there.

It costs 19 Euros over here and I saw that the price in the UK is 8 pounds. With an exchange rate of 1.1 Euros to the pound, something funny is going on there! It may be worth me taking out a subscription.

4:41 PM  
Blogger alcockrj said...

I've listened to the CD now. My favourites are Panic Room, Mystery, The Reasoning and Spaced Out. But best of all, I like Whimwise. It sounds like the Alton Towers theme tune on acid. That's magic!

7:03 AM  
Blogger Barrie Sillars said...

Hi Rob,

Glad you are liking the magazine and CD. The exchange rate does look a bot suspect. I suppose import charges etc.

I think Classic Rock have done a great job. I have been hearing that sales have been pretty healthy for it too. So hopefully if they keep the quality hight the sales will remain. I do think this is a good time for launching this type of mag. There is a good audience out there for more adventurous rock music now.

11:10 AM  

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