Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playlist - January 29th 2009

Hawkwind ~ Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music
This album always seems to pale when comparisons are made with the follow up “Quark, Strangeness and Charm” and the previous “Warriors on the Edge of Time”. I think the fans found the change from the sprawling space rock epics of yore to a more sharper song based style disconcerting. But I think the Charisma years where Robert Calvert was at his most prominent within the band were the bands most rewarding.

Manning ~ Number 10
Still listening to this and it gets better and better with repeated listens. This is really a triumph!

Secret Machines ~ Secret Machines
The follow up to the very excellent “Ten Silver Drops”. Since then the band has gone through some upheavals, losing guitarist Benjamin Curtis and changing record label. Now with new guitarist Phil Karnats on board the results can be heard on this self titled third album. Much heavier than the more poppier “Ten Silver Drops”, though there are still plenty of great hooks and layers of treated guitars.

Umphrey’s McGee ~ Mantis
Considered a US jam band?! Whatever, anyone familiar with their web site knows this eclectic band are at the forefront of internet available music. That is you can just about download all their live concerts. As a live act they play about with their music, re-arranging standards and adding improvised pieces. This new studio album is more progressive and song based than previous albums and is beautifully arranged and produced.

Henry Cow ~ 40th Anniversary Box Set
At last I have this monumental release in my grubby little paws. A long time coming but worth the wait. More on this later, but suffice to say this is an important release!


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