Friday, December 07, 2007

2007 Prog Albums of the Year ~ Part 2 (25 - 21)

25. Trion ~ Pilgrim
Second album from this instrumental outfit which includes members of Flamborough Head and Odyssice. Lots of great mellotron playing as was evident on “Tortoise”. This time the sleeve is in the tradition of Hipgnosis.

24. Kaipa ~ Angling Feelings
No Roine Stolt this time, but the sound is still very much Kaipa. The keyboard work of Hans Lundin is expressive and has now plenty of room to breath. Another consistent effort.

23. Alan Morse ~ 4 O’Clock Hysteria
Solo effort from Spock’s Beard keyboardist really showcases what an exceptional player he really is. Some very nice fusion style playing, with guest musicians including ex Mahavishnu’s Jerry Goodman . Melodically very strong throughout!

22. Thought Chamber ~ Angular Perceptions
Complex, technical prog metal of the highest order on this impressive debut album. Beautifully played and produced and features the excellent vocals of Enchant’s Ted Leonard.

21. Therion ~ Gothic Kabbalah
Epic, 2 disc symphonic metal. This shouldn’t work but it does. Bold and huge sounding and beautifully produced.


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Roll on the top 20 ....

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Its here!!!!

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