Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2007 Prog Albums of the Year ~ Part 1 (30 – 26)

I am presenting my favourite prog albums of the year in 6 parts, in the best countdown style. This is because it has been a very strong year for new music and could only pick a top 30 and nothing here is really below par. The difficulty has been putting them in order!!! And there are a few I still haven’t heard yet (Satellite and Lana Lane) which I know will be somewhere in the lower reaches. So here goes part one.

30. The Reasoning ~ Awakening
Includes the wonderful voice of Rachel Jones (ex Karantaka). Somewhere between Mostly Autumn and Magenta.

29. Neal Morse ~ Sola Scriptura
Another sprawling, ambitious album from ex Spock’s Beard leader. This may be his darkest effort yet!

28. Mostly Autumn ~ Heart Full Of Sky
Now on their own label, this new album sees the band getting back to their prog-folk roots with some of their most ambitious songs for quite a while!!

27. Pineapple Thief ~ What We Have Sown

Not so much a full-blown new album as more of a stop gap. But still, no filler on this set!

26. Oceansize ~ Frames
Maybe a bit indie-prog for some tastes, but this third album is their strongest yet. The songs are focussed and the arrangements are ambitious. They do sound as if they want to stretch themselves as far as possible. This is big, bold rock in the tradition of The God Machine and Ultrasound!


Blogger alcockrj said...

Nice countdown style! If you have a top 30 albums, how many have you listened to in total??

6:45 AM  
Blogger Barrie Sillars said...

Actually I haven't had to listen to a whole collection of CD's to pick my top30. Luckily, I know what I like or at least when I read a review or recommendation I know I will like it. I may have bought around 40 to 50 new music which isn't really that much. I think it has been a particularly strong year, hence didn't want to narrow it down from 30!

I intend to do a listing of my favourite re-releases as well.

10:56 AM  

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