Monday, February 20, 2006

Moraz albums remastered

I have just posted my review of the new Tangent album on This is indeed a very special progressive rock album. Everything that I personally love of prog rock is represented in this album. I can recommend it completely without any reservations.

I heard that all of Patrick Moraz’s albums are to be re-issued on Voiceprint soon. This is very god news indeed as his first solo album, The Story of I is a classic. Recorded when he was still a member of Yes and during their lay-off when all members of the band recorded solo albums. Recorded for Charisma records, this was a lavish affair. Money no object on the recording of this even down to the gorgeous gatefold sleeve, Charisma knew they were on to a money winner especially with Moraz’s connections to Yes. The results were for me one of the best keyboard dominated prog rock albums of that period. Moraz’s arsenal of keyboards used, as listed on the album sleeve were mind-boggling! Hopefully, the remastering will bring the big production sound of this alive as the existing CD is lacking in dynamics to say the least.

The album he recorded with ex-members of The Nice as Refugee is also to be part of the re-issue campaign and is also well worth a listen.
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