Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some Other New Stuff I Liked In 2008

Finishing off my lists of the year here are some other newly released stuff I liked in the last 12 months. In no particular order this time, because I can't be bothered.

Wire ~ Object 47
Back to what they do best. Tricksy, arty, angular pop.

Mothlite ~ The Flax Of Reverie
Off kilter songs from Guapo mainman.

Earth ~ The Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull
The addition of Bill Frisell really makes this recording stand out.

Guapo ~ Elixirs
Far away from their Zeuhl roots, but still intoxicating.

Black Mountain ~ In The Future
Almost in the prog section as the use of synths and mellotron takes this excellent slab of heavy rock very near to that territory.

Keane ~ Perfect Symmetry
I like this a lot. Lots of nice 80’s styled synths and great songs,

Bill Nelson ~ Clocks And Dials
Another bumper year for Bill. Having released five, yes five new albums including this 2 CD set which was so chock-a-block that the last track just didn’t fit!

Elbow ~ The Seldom Seen Kid
Deserved the Mercury prize without a doubt. Sometimes there is justice in the world!

Byrne & Eno ~ Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
This was never was going to be the next “My Life In the Bush Of Ghosts”. Nevertheless this is hugely enjoyable.

Howlin Rain ~ Magnificent Fiend
Great earthy, American songwriting. Beautifully arranged and played.

Steven Wilson ~ Insurgentes
Obvious nods to Porcupine Tree, No-Man and Blackfield, but this is his darkest outing yet. Sumptuous packaging.

Portishead ~ Third
Surpisingly more edgier and experimental than previous albums. Satisfyingly so.

Sigur Ros ~ With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly
Maybe treading water a bit, but they always push the right buttons. As always haunting and beautiful.

TV On The Radio ~ Dear Science
This is what Brian Eno or Talking Heads might sound like if they were producing their key works now!

Darkroom ~ Some Of These Numbers Mean Something
Fantastic atmospheric instrumental music with the wonderful Michael Bearpark.

The Verve ~ Forth
They could have gone safe with this comeback release, but they have admirably experimented with their sound.

Coldplay ~ Viva La Vida
Working with Brian Eno was always going to be a winning combination. And it is!

Richard Barbieri ~ Stranger Inside
A brilliant follow up to the incredible “Things Buried”. Great instrumentals and wonderfully textured keyboards.

Dungen - 4
More Swedish psychedelic sonic wonders. This may be Gustav Ejstes project, but it’s the guitar of Reine Fiske that stands out for me.


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Thanks Barrie! Your support means a lot to us (Darkroom).

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